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GCINT Wealth Management Limited

GCINT Wealth Management Limited (formerly known as United Able International Limited, UAI) is an Independent Insurance Broker firm in Hong Kong; a member of Insurance Authority (IA) and MPFA Intermediary.
  • 2010

    United Able International Limited commenced operations

  • 2016

    Developed General Insurance Business

  • 2020

    GCINT acquired UAI as its Subsidiary. UAI then renamed as GCINT Wealth Management Limited

We firmly believe to serve our clients first above all, offer a wide range of quality products and services through the expertise and customer services of our consultants, and meet the clients’ insurance and financial needs in personal and corporate field.We have been developing from Hong Kong throughout Asia, especially in many key cities in Mainland China.

GCINT Wealth Management Limited is honored to be one of the famous insurance brokerages in Hong Kong. Its prosperous growth and achievements over the years is a testament to the prestigious clients and the commitment of our team.

With the well experiences accumulated over years, we clearly understand the needs of clients and provide them with tailor-made insurances and financial advices and solutions. As such, there are various types of products and services available for the clients at each stage of their life journey.

On understanding of the importance of customer communication, we establish a comprehensive online system to serve the clients with professional advice and insurance services efficiently. This online system not only allows the clients to manage their insurance policies actively, and also provides them with a flexible communication channel with us.

We firmly believe that the staffs are the company’s greatest and valuable assets, and that the staff development, participation and motivation are vital to the success of company. To this end, we set aside a great deal of resources for staff training in product and marketing knowledge, sales training, leadership training and other self-development programmes.

GCINT is standing intact in the global financial crisis with its stable and flexible management. As a company facing worldwide, we will continue with ongoing development and improvement to maintain the leading position in the industry.

Our Business

GCINT Wealth Management Limited provides a variety of tailor-made services to meet the clients’different insurance and financial needs.

  • Financial Needs Analysis

    We maintain a close relationship with
    the clients, and help them analyze their
    financial situations to ensure that they
    can be served with due care and services
    to tackle their financial needs.

  • Wealth Management

    We help the clients to step towards
    a successful future with our financial
    planning and professional advice.

  • Online Platform

    We provide the clients with efficient services through our comprehensive online platform operated by our professional team and administrative colleagues.

  • Risk Management

    We provide the clients with financial risk management services to identify and reduce any risks or losses that may arise from uncertainties.

  • Personal insurance planning

    We provide the clients with professional advice to make a good life planning for them as well as their beloved ones.

We provide all kinds of products, from personal to enterprises, from investment to life security, to help the clients tackle all their needs.

General Insurance

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Life Insurance